Buddy Hield Is Stepping up to Provide Hurricane Dorian Relief

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Buddy Hield

When Hurricane Dorian tore through the Atlantic last week and concluded its journey into the Arctic, it unleashed devastation on the Bahamas. In order for these islands to get significant relief within a reasonable time frame, they are relying on the selfless acts and contributions from others. Among those contributors is Bahama-native Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings.

He is sending his own personal support to his home country and encouraging others to join him in these endeavors, according to the Sacramento Bee. For those who want to know more about the hero who is stepping up to provide hurricane relief, below is a bit of background that highlights Hield's connection to the islands.

Buddy Hield's attachment to the Bahamas

Before Buddy Hield made a name for himself in the NBA, he enjoyed a childhood in the Bahamas on the island Grand Bahama. Sadly, it was one of the hardest-hit islands from Hurricane Dorian.

Hield grew up playing basketball in school and in his neighborhood. His talent was noticed early on in his childhood, which led to him being a local star for his country. While playing in tournaments and making a name for himself on the islands, his talent caught the eye of recruiters from a Prep School in Kansas. This is where he would spend his high school career studying and playing on their basketball team.

Journey to the NBA

After Buddy Hield came stateside and approached his high school graduation, he was recruited to the University of Oklahoma. His college career was a successful four years, with his average of points moving from seven in his freshman year to over 20 a game in his senior year.

He received several awards for his performance during his time with the University of Oklahoma. Buddy Hield was also offered to be a part of the 2015 draft in his junior year but decided to finish his senior year before moving to the NBA.

After concluding his college basketball career, he was drafted by the NBA to the New Orleans Pelicans, where he played for a single year. He was then traded to his current team, the Sacramento Kings.

NBA success

Buddy Hield has been quite successful in his short tenure in the NBA. In fact, many consider him to be a player watch over the next few years. Hield continues to work on his game and has improved every year he's been in the NBA. With both the New Orleans Pelicans and the Sacramento Kings, Hield has performed as a leading team member, hosting some of the scoring averages on his team.

Just this year, he surpasses a former record for the most three-pointer shots in the initial three seasons of an NBA player. Now, Hield carries that record with over 245 three-pointer shoots made since drafting into the NBA.

Buddy Hield is giving back

Despite Buddy Hield moving to the United States and becoming successful in the NBA, he is still striving to give back to his childhood community and country.

For Hield, giving back to the Bahamas is sentimental and an important mission. He will take the money donated to the charity and purchase the essential supplies that the residents of the Bahamas need desperately. He will also move forward with his own $100,000 donation to the Bahamas over the next few weeks. It's great to see professional athletes not forget their roots.