Buffalo Sabres Announce Jersey and Logo Changes for Their 50th Season

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#41 of the Buffalo Sabres wearing what will be the team's old uniform after they switch to the Sabres 50th Anniversary jerseys.

The 2019-2020 NHL season is quickly approaching and the Buffalo Sabres have reason to be extra excited this year. Jack Eichel will continue to try and prove he's just as good as Connor McDavid and a returning Jeff Skinner will look to live up to his expensive new contract. This season also marks their 50th season with the NHL, and to celebrate the Sabres are rolling out a new jersey.

What the Sabres' new jerseys look like


The jerseys are being called The Golden Jersey, and for good reason. The jerseys are white, with the classic Buffalo Sabres logo in the middle. Along the bottom is a thick blue stripe, with two golden stripes both above and below it. This same pattern of stripes is also seen on the arms, just below the player's number. On the back, the player's name and number is written in blue, with a gold border to help them stand out. The gold throughout the jersey — in the logo, lettering, numbers, and stripes — sparkles to draw even more attention to the jersey. These jerseys don't just have a gold color, they actually look like gold.

A Sabres jersey designed with history in mind


Back in 2003, the NHL decided to swap which jerseys were worn at home and away games. The white jerseys used to be worn at home, with the colored jerseys used on the road. With these anniversary jerseys, Sabres fans who attend home games will get to see their team in a white jersey once again. Perhaps an intentional move by the team?

The amount of stripes adorning the jersey is no accident either. There are 5 stripes on the bottom of the jersey and along the arms, each one representing a decade within the league. If you also take a look inside the jersey, you'll notice previous logos the team has used all along the neckline. These logos are there as an homage to all the past iterations of the team.

When will the Sabres wear the 50th anniversary jerseys?

Unfortunately, these jerseys will not be in use for every home game throughout the season. They will only be used during select games, so if you want to see them in person, you'll want to grab tickets quick. The jerseys are currently scheduled to be used for 13 home games:

  • Oct. 5 vs NJD
  • Nov. 2 vs NYI
  • Nov. 29 vs TOR
  • Dec. 2 vs NJD
  • Dec 12 vs NSH
  • Dec. 27 vs BOS
  • Jan. 30 vs MTL
  • Feb. 6 vs DET
  • Feb. 13 vs CBJ
  • Mar. 5 vs PIT
  • Mar. 21 vs CHI
  • Mar. 22 vs NYR
  • Apr. 4 vs PHI

The jerseys will be worn throughout the season, and against various opponents, so start thinking about which games you want to attend now to ensure you can get tickets.

Can you buy a commemorative Sabres jersey?


If you want to join in on the fun and get a jersey for yourself, they are available for presale at The Sabres Store. They will officially go on sale September 17, also at The Sabres Store.

The Sabres' 2019-2020 season

Going into their 50th season, the Buffalo Sabres have a lot to look forward to. With exciting additions like Marcus Johansson and Jimmy Vesey, the Sabres will hope to entertain their fans throughout the season with plenty of wins — especially if the Buffalo Bills are unable to do so.

This season also marks the final time the Sabres will wear their current navy blue jerseys. Starting next season they will return to royal blue as their primary color. So if you've been thinking about getting a new Sabres jersey, now is the perfect time to get one with the commemorative jersey available, and the royal blue colors making their return soon.