Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: The Best Fantasy Football Team Names for Green Bay Packers Fans in 2023

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A fan holds up a sign for Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers during a preseason 2023 game

The Green Bay Packers have some of the most dedicated fans in football, and naturally, many are playing fantasy football this season. Fantasy teams are fun for many reasons, but an underrated part of the whole game is making up a team name.

Here's a look at some of the best fantasy football team names Green Bay Packers fans can use in 2023 during the post-Aaron Rodgers era.

How to think about Green Bay Packers fantasy football team names

There are no hard-and-fast rules regarding fantasy football team names, and ultimately, it's an exercise in creativity. The options are largely limitless, and there are usually no consequences for picking a bad name.

Since fantasy football is largely an activity to participate in with friends and family, though, it goes without saying that team names should abide by decency rules. Those rules vary from group to group, but for the purposes of this discussion, inappropriate team names are going to be a bad idea.

Other than, Packers fans who want to come up with a good fantasy team name can draw inspiration from themselves, their favorite players, the city itself, the state of Wisconsin, and more. For example, Wisconsin is known for cheese, and many good fantasy team names will be cheese-related puns or jokes. Bleacher Nation gave a few cheesy examples, including “Cheesehead Champions.”

Another popular option is to name the team after your favorite current or former Packer. Despite his slow preseason, Jordan Love fans may, well, love the name “Love in Green Bay.”

Green Bay fans who want to be more creative can brainstorm name ideas by mixing and matching a Packers-related word with another noun until one name sounds good.  

Funny fantasy football team names for Green Bay Packers fans

Some of the best fantasy football names will also be the funniest ones, but coming up with that extra-funny team name can be difficult. It could help to lean into the type of humor your particular group of friends or family likes.

In general, some funny team names for Packer fans include:

  • “Loving the Packers” (see: Love, Jordan)
  • “It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy” (see: Cheese, Wisconsin)
  • “Watson Your Mind?” (see: Christian, Watson)

Of course, there's also the possibility of team names relating to departed quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

While many Packers fans may still love the legendary quarterback now wearing a different jersey number for the New York Jets, some certainly feel betrayed. Those fans may want to consider making their feelings known with their fantasy team name, and it could be a fun way to agitate other Packer fans.

Some funny Rodgers-related team names include:

  • “I Hate Aaron Rodgers”
  • “Aaron's Losers”
  • “Green Bay Jets”

Fantasy football team names: Avoid these common mistakes

While fantasy football team names are an endeavor in creativity and don't technically require rules, a couple of guidelines should serve you well. Avoid doing the following:

  • Using the same name you used in a prior season. This is simply not creative and can get boring for you and everyone in the group. It's not a cardinal sin if the team name is truly what you prefer. But using the same name does take away a lot of the fun of making up names. Plus, unique team names can help differentiate between each season.
  • Using a name that was already too overused two years ago. This, once again, has to do with being creative. Teams are supposed to be unique, and using overused team names is the complete opposite.
  • Using your actual birth name. While your birth name is often unique to you, using it as part of a team name is common. As such, this can hurt your creativity.
  • Using a fantasy football team name generator. This is just lazy and is not creative at all.