How Is Aaron Rodgers Financially Impacted by His Season-Ending Injury?

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Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets passes as he warms up prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills.

The Aaron Rodgers experiment with the New York Jets lasted a mere four snaps. Buffalo Bills defensive end Leonard Floyd sacked Rodgers on New York's first series of Monday night's game, and Rodgers came up lame. Carted into the locker room, Rodgers was eventually diagnosed with a season-ending torn Achilles.

Traded by the Green Bay Packers to the Jets in the offseason, Rodgers agreed to a revised deal worth $112 million over three years. How does sitting out the rest of the season impact Rodgers financially?

Aaron Rodgers was expected to turn the New York Jets into a Super Bowl contender

The New York Jets needed a serious jolt on offense. Aaron Rodgers needed to get away from the Green Bay Packers. The Packers traded the four-time MVP to the Jets before the start of the 2023 season. It was a move that was expected to put the Jets in Super Bowl contention.

Already armed with a stifling defense, the Jets needed to get their offense up to par. Zach Wilson, the No. 2 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, wasn't working at quarterback, so the Jets made their move to land Rodgers.

In the trade, the Jets received Rodgers, the Packers’ 2023 first-round pick (No. 15 overall), and a fifth-round pick (No. 170) in exchange for New York’s 2023 first-rounder (No. 13), 2023 second-round (No. 42) and sixth-round (No. 207) picks. The Jets also included a conditional second-round pick in 2024 that would've become a first-rounder had Rodgers played in 65% or more of the team's snaps.

The hype was there. Jets fans were talking postseason. The NFL put the Jets on the first Monday Night Football matchup of the season. Then it all came crashing down.

Now the Jets are forced to go back to Wilson, who came in and helped lead the Jets to an upset victory. For now, Wilson is their guy, but they could also swing a trade for a veteran quarterback.

What financial impact does the injury have on Rodgers?

Rodgers is 39 years old. He has plenty of money, and he'll still have plenty of money even after this devastating injury.

Rodgers revised his deal with the Jets, taking a pay cut in order to help build around him and give him some additional weapons. Still, the contract was $112.5 million for three years, according to Over the Cap. Much of that deal is fully guaranteed. Of that contract, he's getting $75 million as his 2023 bonus and base salary for '23 and '24 are fully guaranteed. In 2024, there is also a guaranteed option bonus worth $35 million.

While he'll spend much of the season rehabbing, he'll know that the season-ending injury has little to no impact on his finances.

In his 19 seasons, Rodgers has earned $342,496,898, according to Spotrac.