Marshawn Lynch's Coach Reveals How the Running Back Prepared for His NFL Return

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Marshawn Lynch has been preparing for his return to action with the Seattle Seahawks.

While it's easy to think of professional athletes as superhuman, there's a great deal of preparation that goes on behind the scenes. That will be especially true for Marshawn Lynch, who recently returned to the Seattle Seahawks after more than a year on the sidelines. Even an elite running back can't simply show up and play; he had to make sure he was in shape, first.

Lynch's coach, Tareq Azim, recently revealed how the running back got himself ready for NFL action; let's just say it takes a lot more than some dumbells and a jump rope to bring Beast Mode back.

Marshawn Lynch's return to the Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch first joined the Seattle Seahawks in 2010, arriving from Buffalo via a trade. He immediately made an impact in the Pacific Northwest, piling up rushing yards and causing literal earthquakes. The powerful running back helped the club win a Super Bowl title; they could have won a second if Pete Carroll gave him the ball on the goal line.

After struggling with injuries in 2015, though, Lynch retired; he would make a comeback with the Oakland Raiders but, after a year and a half, was forced back out of the action. That was until the Seattle Seahawks came calling.

With their top three running backs all injured, the Seahawks took out their Rolodex and contacted two former players. They signed both Lynch and Lynch and Robert Turbin, hoping that the two experienced backs can help out down the home stretch.

How did Marshawn Lynch prepare for his return?

The last time that Marshawn Lynch sawn NFL action was Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season. While he's spent over a year away from the gridiron, don't expect the running back to be too rusty on Sunday night.

According to Lynch's coach Tareq Azim, the running back began getting ready for a potential return several weeks ago after paying a visit to the Seahawks team facilities. The pair went through 16 training sessions, designed to help the 33-year-old back into playing shape. The workouts include some unconventional elements, like Azim repeatedly punching Lynch, to try to simulate the physical grind of an NFL game.

“We went ‘hood' on preparation,” Azim told's Tom Pelissero.”The one thing I can tell you is you can be 100 percent certain that he's well aware of what his body can and can't do. He's made a choice to contribute to a team and a city that's given him a lot.”

Can Beast Mode really return at full power?

The old cliche says that time waits for no man. Marshawn Lynch, however, is no ordinary human; could he outrun Father Time?

While it would be naive to expect Lynch to produce like he did during the Seahawks' Super Bowl seasons, his running style should be relatively intact. Beast Mode was built upon pure power; everyone might lose a step over time but, as long as Lynch has been hitting the gym, he should still be strong enough to break a few tackles.

At the end of the day, though, Lynch doesn't have to break off 100 yards every game. If he's able to keep the chains moving and keep opposing defenses honest, that's all the help Russell Wilson will need.