NBA: Count Scottie Pippen as 1 of Stephen Curry’s Biggest Fans

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Scottie Pippen calls Stephen Curry one of the few players ever who truly changed the NBA landscape.

One thing we can all relate to is being a fan of somebody. The admiration and joy we feel when we look up to a person is like nothing else. Scottie Pippen knows the feeling all too well when it comes to Stephen Curry, better known as Steph Curry, being perhaps one of his biggest fans out there. He might even be the professional athlete's biggest fan. At least it seems that way when it comes to public admiration.

A look at Scottie Pippen's history

Pippen was once a prolific player, winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and taking on challenges alongside one of the sport's biggest and most memorable players, Michael Jordan. So it seems he may know a thing or two about basketball and how much hard work goes into being successful on the court.

It's said that Pippen was molded into the incredible player he was by working alongside Jordan, who seemingly pushed him to better himself at the game and helped lead their team to championship after championship. Stardom followed in step quickly. Looking back at the time the two spent together, many believe that Jordan needed a supporting cast of sorts, and Pippen filled the role harmoniously throughout his rookie year.

Stephen Curry has a fan in Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen calls Stephen Curry one of the few players ever who truly changed the NBA landscape.
Scottie Pippen loves what Stpehen Curry is doing. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Players come and go in every sport, but few are memorable, and even fewer are great. Pippen has made it bright and clear that he believes there may never be another player like Stephen Curry. A skilled athlete that can go out on the court and change the game is simply a rarity in the world. He's placed the idea that Curry is one of a kind, and he's being watched like a hawk. Could he replace Jordan's claim to fame that easily?

Pippen even comments on Curry deserving his back to back MVP wins, noting how he shoots 3-pointers with ease and makes them look almost effortless. On the ESPN show The Jump, Pippen notes that nobody other than Curry's very own son would be able to recreate the player's records, considering they share DNA.

With Curry becoming a household name, it's obvious he's a fan favorite, and everyone is cheering him on alongside Pippen.

Changing the NBA landscape and more

In the short time that Curry has made headlines and pushed his way onto the basketball radar, it's becoming extremely obvious he plans to break records and make it almost impossible for anyone to ever take his title or forget his name. Becoming a six-time All-Star and making Hall of Fame worthy efforts, Curry has made great strives to change the playing field when it comes to showing off on the court.

It's no longer a game for those that are simply good at the game, and impressing people will become harder with the more records the basketball star breaks. With Curry being possibly one of the best shooters to embrace the sport, there are simply no restrictions anymore when it comes to what you can expect him to impress you with next. The Warriors athlete is creating waves of headlines as he amazes crowds with accomplishments like scoring 40 points in less than half an hour.

The young athlete isn't only making headlines with his skills on the court, but he's investing his money back into his own hobbies. By helping others find their passion and produce healthy habits in a golf program, Curry is helping others learn the importance of patience. From being one of the hottest players on the charts currently to humbling and even a father, it's safe to say that Curry is easy to become a fan of, and Pippen has good reason to admire him.