Why are Miami Heat Executives Are Comparing This Red-Hot Rookie to Klay Thompson?

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Miami Heat's rookie guard Tyler Herro driving to the basket.

Do the Miami Heat have the next star in the making in former Kentucky Wildcats forward Tyler Herro? After failing to properly rebuild the team after LeBron James' departure five seasons ago, the team looks to have a bright future with newly acquired Jimmy Butler leading the way.

However, the rookie out of Kentucky is turning heads and should have a bright future with the team. Will he be able to make the same impact Thompson has had on the league? Today we will find out if Herro could become a newer version of the Golden State Warriors Splash-Brother.

Why the Miami Heat like Tyler Herro

One NBA general manager spoke to Sean Deveney of Heavy, and had this to say about the Miami rookie:

“They've been firm on him and (Bam) Adebayo being untouchable...Maybe they would move off of that as the season goes on, but as it stands, they think they've got the second coming of Klay Thompson offensively. They have not had a lot of useful guys on rookie contracts in past years and that's killed their cap. They've got two now, they don't want to let them go.”

To see that Herro is already considered untouchable is high praise for the young player. Miami clearly thinks his future could result in multiple NBA All-star selections and a possible run at a championship.

College comparison

When you look at Herro's highlights from his lone season at Kentucky, it's hard not to get excited about him logging heavy minutes. He averaged 14 points per game while shooting 35% from 3-point range. Those numbers are good, but when you compare them to Klay Thompson's, the similarities stop at scoring points.

Thompson was 39% 3-point shooter in three seasons at Washington State, and was a force on the defensive end, averaging 1.3 steals per game for his career.

Shot selection is really where Herro had the upper hand, shooting 46% from the field (compared to Thompson's 42%), while also shooting an amazing 93% from the free-throw line. 

A red hot preseason for Tyler Herro

When you look at Herro's stat line for the Miami Heat's preseason slate of games, you can't help but be impressed. He has averaged over 15 points per game and has an opportunity to start in place of Dion Waiters in the Heat's season opener. Waiter's is serving a suspension but should be back for Game 2.

The only issue we have seen so far when critiquing Herro's game is his ability on the defensive end. Speaking to the Miami Herald, Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra said: “He still has a long way to go defensively. He knows that, and he's working at it.”

Can he be as good as Klay Thompson?

When you look at both players, we think the Heat have every right to be high on their first-round pick, we just wouldn't try to give him the lofty expectations of being as good as Klay Thompson. So far in his career, Thompson has won three NBA championships with five consecutive NBA Finals appearances, made five All-Star teams, and two All-NBA teams. 

He is also considered one of the greatest shooters in league history, as any claim from No. 3 to No. 7 could be in his favor (we are giving Jerry West and Steph Curry the top two nods).

If Herro can become half as good as Thompson then Miami is still looking at a top-25 player by today's standards, and we know they would be happy with that outcome.

How do you feel about Tyler Herro?

Are you expecting Miami Heat rookie sensation Tyler Herro to become the next Klay Thompson? The league tips off this week so if you want more news and notes be sure to check out our NBA section.